Our Members

Minority Leader
Nicholaus R. Kipke, District 31B

Minority Whip
Kathryn Y. Szeliga, District 7

Christopher T. Adams, District 37B
Kathryn L. Afzali, District 4
Carl Anderton JR., District 38B
Steven J. Arentz, District 36
Susan L.M. Aumann, District 42B
Wendell R. Beitzel, District 1A
Jason C. Buckel, District 1B
Mary Beth Carozza, District 38C

Andrew Cassilly, District 35B

Jerry Clark, District 29C

Joe Cluster, District 8
Mark N. Fisher, District 27C
Robert L. Flanagan, District 9B
William G. Folden, District 3B
Jefferson L. Ghrist, District 36
Glen Glass, District 34A
Robin L. Grammer JR.,  District 6
Kevin B. Hornberger, District 35A

Seth A. Howard, District 30B

Rick Impallaria, District 7

Jay A. Jacobs, District 36
Trent Kittleman, District 9A
Susan W. Krebs, District 5
Robert B. Long, District 6
Johnny Mautz, District 37B

Susan K. McComas, District 34B

Tony McConkey, District 33

Pat McDonough, District 7
Michael W. McKay, District 1C
Herbert H. McMillan, District 30A
Rick Metzgar, District 6
Christian J. Miele, District 8
Warren E. Miller, District 9A
Matthew Morgan, District 29A
Charles J. Otto, District 38A
Neil C. Parrott, District 2A
Teresa E. Reilly – District 35B

Deborah C. Rey – District 29B

April Rose, District 5
Sid Saab – District 33
Haven Shoemaker, District 5
Meagan C. Simonaire, District 31B
David E. Vogt III, District 4
Christopher R. West, District 42B
Brett R. Wilson, District 2B

William J. Wivell, District 2A

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