Members Making News March 10th-16th

A collection of media coverage of our Caucus members this week.





  • The Herald Mail  updates the progress of bills introduced by Delegates Paul Corderman, Mike McKay, Neil Parrott, and William Wivell.


  • Delegate Kathy Szeliga introduced the Keep Communities Safe Act and held a press conference on Tuesday. Many Delegates attended to show their support for the bill. Another bill, HB 1549, authored by Delegates Warren Miller, Christopher Adams, Steven Arentz, Mark Fisher, William Folden, Seth Howard, Richard Impallaria, and Patrick  McDonough, would require local governments to “fully comply” with federal immigration agents.

House Republicans Demand Action on Sexual Predator Prevention Act – Promise to Petition Legislation From Committee in Order to Pass it Before Deadline

House Republicans today demanded action on legislation that would protect our communities from repeat sexual predators. During prosecution for sexual offenses, House Bills 301 and 353 will allow a court to admit evidence of a defendant’s prior history of sexual crimes or abuse.

Similar legislation has been before the committee 14 times. While the Senate unanimously passed the bill in 2016, this legislation has never moved out of the House Judiciary Committee. These bills have received wide bipartisan support, with more than 120 members of the General Assembly co-sponsoring these bills and their crossfiles. The Women’s Caucus and the Legislative Black Caucus have also indicated their support for this type of legislations.

According to the House Rules, bills not acted on by a Committee may be petitioned from the Committee’s possession and brought before the full House for a vote. In a letter to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, House Minority Leader Nic Kipke and House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga indicated the Caucus’ intention to petition the bill from the Committee’s possession if the bill was not voted on.

“As much as we respect the committee system within the legislature,” the letter reads, “the safety of our children and our communities is far more precious than parliamentary niceties.” The letter requests the bill be acted on no later than March 16th. The crossover deadline in the General Assembly is March 19th. Bills passed after that date have to cross additional legislative hurdles in order to pass.

The letter continues, “…we do not take this action lightly, but we feel this move underscores our commitment to seeing this legislations passed and our communities protected.”

Click here to read the letter in its entirety.


Members Making News March 3rd-9th

A collection of media coverage of our Caucus members this week.

Lawmakers from all over the state and from both sides of the aisle were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of State Senator Wayne Norman this past Sunday. Delegate Teresa Reilly, who served alongside Senator Norman as both his former legislative aide when he was in the House as well as being a fellow Harford County lawmaker, said that his passing will have a profound effect on everyone since “Everyone respected him; he was a personable guy and just shared a lot of love and a lot of wisdom…It’s a huge loss, my heart is broken and I’m sure a lot of others are as well.” For more quotes from other lawmakers about the impact Senator Norman has had on them, please click here to be redirected.

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  • This week ALEC picked Delegate Kathy Szeliga as their Legislator of the Week. In the article, Delegate Szeliga talked about how being a member of ALEC has helped her become an effective lawmaker, saying that “ALEC’s principles of limited government, free markets and federalism are true pillars of conservative legislators. Finding ways to integrate these principles into state government, including best practices that are working in other states, is essential to steering Maryland and the 49 other states in the right direction.” To read the entire interview, please click here to be redirected.




Members Making News February 24th-March 2nd

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House Republicans Issue Statement on Governor’s School Safety Initiatives

Annapolis – House Minority Leader Nic Kipke and House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga issued the following statement regarding Governor Hogan’s announcements about school safety.

“In the wake of the heart wrenching tragedy that unfolded in Florida it is right for us to be doing everything possible that will actually make our kids safer,” said Delegate Kipke.  “But, we must be certain that we are doing the right things to secure our schools and improve our mental health laws.  The Governor’s announcement today is an important and meaningful measure that will do that.”

“As we learn more of what happened in Florida, we see there were multiple failures across a system designed to protect our children,” said Delegate Szeliga. “We see that we cannot operate under the assumption that our schools are safe and Governor Hogan’s announcement today will help improve the safety of students in Maryland’s schools. It deals not only with the actual hardware and training that protects our students but also acknowledges the critical importance of addressing mental health threats.”




Members Making News February 17th-23rd

A collection of media coverage of our Caucus members this week.



  • After the Kirwan Commission released their preliminary report that offered recommendations for improving schools in Maryland, but without any suggestions of how to solve the state’s current funding formula, Delegate Haven Shoemaker expressed his dissapoint over the commission’s inability to address the funding formula that could help Carroll County schools. Speaking of how the commission poorly used their time to produce the report, Delegate Shoemaker said, “Government seems to do that a lot…Equally concerning is that very little time has been devoted to fixing the funding formula currently in place in Maryland which shortchanges Carroll County because we’ve had declining enrollment, but we’re considered rich. This needs to be fixed pronto.” To read more about this issue, click here to be redirected.





















Members Making News February 10th-16th

A collection of media coverage of our Caucus members this week.
















  • To watch a video of Delegate Rick Impallaria discuss how his bill, HB 760, will help make schools a safer place by allowing certain school employees to carry firearms on school grounds, please click here to be redirected to this video and article.